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FREDI - R&D Israel

FREDI - Functional R&D Israel

FREDI is the meeting point between innovation, new technologies, novel and functional foods, new ingredients and the food industry

                                             Fredi- Where Innovation Meets Opportunity 

Our mission is to connect academic institutions, independent ventures and start ups with leading companies in the food industry in order to promote their new innovations and create mutual synergistic market opportunities. 


FREDI's professional staff provides our clients with the following accompanying and supporting services:


Scientific  support
Literature Survey – compatibility, potential added value, uniqueness etc
Nutritional added value
Scientific Due Diligenc
Patent search
Technological support
Nutritional Evaluation – nutrients content, composition, bioavailability
Lab scale tests – suitability of the ingredient/technology to food technological processes
Lab scale pilots – feasibility for application in food items
Organoleptic tests – analyzing the organoleptic impact of the added ingredient/applied
technology on the final product
Shelf life evaluation
Safety tests
Marketing support
Consumers market research
 Product positioning
 Product pricing
 Sales & distribution
Professional Accompaniment
Connect to local or global food companies / investors
Identify the exact match between your needs and the available product
Establish and escort of  the process

If you are looking for a new food additive, a new functional food, a new twist and innovation for your technology, we have the solution for you;

Using our largest portfolio of innovative ideas from academic institutions, incubators and the private sector we shall identify the one that suits you best and tailor make it for your specific needs.  



If you are a small company/Private initiative with an innovative idea for food ingredients, food products and food technology we can help you in your fundraising and assist you to connect with the right food companies.  


Contact information: nativgroup@mns-israel.com

Telephone no.: +972-3-6955-806

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